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"Joey & His Coat of Many Colors"

I love the story of Joseph but I haven’t always felt this way. His dream took so many dark twists and turns but He never gave up on God and God never gave up on him. I used to focus on all the trials he faced when reading this story instead of focusing on God’s activity IN the trials. God needed those years of twists and turns to teach him, prepare him, equip him and grow him so that he could handle the responsibilities that came with the dream. If it had come to fruition any sooner he would not have been spiritually or emotionally mature enough to handle it. Do not despise your seasons of growth. Lean into the Lord especially in the midst of trials and challenges and learn all that He has for you to learn so that when His timing is right you will be ready.



​​​This original has sold but another can be painted to your specifications. Prints are available in my Etsy Store.