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"Fully Known"

We all desire to be fully known and accepted. For someone to know the deepest parts of ourselves and love us anyway, in spite of those things that we find unloveable. People may fail in that area because of their human frailty, but God never will. He knows everything about us and not only loves us in spite of our perceived flaws but embraces all of who we are.  When we are connected to Him, we will know that acceptance and deep abiding love that fills the void.  That void we try desperately to fill with lesser things.  Connect with Him, the creator of the universe, because He has everything you need.  Let Him answer the cry of your heart to be fully known and deeply loved.

“Lord, you know everything there is to know about me. You perceive every movement of my heart and soul and you understand my every thought before it ever enters my mind. You are so intimately aware of me, Lord. You read my heart like an open book and you know all the words I’m about to speak before I even start a sentence!  You know every step I will take before my journey even begins. You’ve gone into my future to prepare the way and in kindness you follow behind me to spare me from the harm of my past.  With your hand of love upon my life, you impart a blessing to me. This is just too wonderful, deep, and incomprehensible! Your understanding of me brings me wonder and strength”. Psalm 139: 1-6 TPT



This is a 24x24 original acrylic on 1.5" gallery wrapped canvas.  The original and prints are available in my Etsy Store.