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"She Blossoms"

"She Blossoms"

The Lord says it is your time to blossom. To blossom is a condition of maximum development, a period of greatest prosperity or productivity and to mature in a promising, healthy way. When a tree blossoms it produces flowers before it produces fruit that can be eaten. This is a season where the Lord is developing and strengthening you…your gifts, your character, your heart, your understanding and your capacity. When this season is over you will begin to see the fruit of everything the Lord has been depositing in you and you will be able to give that away to help others. Purpose is being birthed in you in this season. You have had a very fruitful and impactful life already (even when you don’t feel that way) but the Lord is not finished with you yet. There is healing taking place in your mind and emotions. Places you have been stuck or unable to move forward will suddenly loosen. Lies that you have believed in your mind will fall away and in their place will be the truth of who your heavenly Father says you are. You are being transformed from the inside out. As this healing and repositioning is taking place the Lord promises to protect you as if you were in a cocoon. He will send you words of encouragement, love and guidance from the most unexpected people or places…keep your eyes and heart open.

“And do not be conformed to this world (any longer with it’s superficial values and customs), but be transformed and progressively changed as you mature spiritually by the renewing of your mind (focusing on godly values and ethical attitudes), so that you may prove for yourselves what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect (in His plan and purpose for you)." Romans 12:2 amp

This piece was commissioned by a collector after she saw the original of this series online. She specifically wanted this color iris and wanted colors that would go with her décor.

The original has sold but another can be painted to your specifications. Prints are available by email inquiry below.

PRINT - click here to purchase in Etsy Store if available
ORIGINAL - click here to purchase in my Etsy Store if available
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