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"Kindhearted King"

"Kindhearted King"

As I was painting this lion our city was experiencing an ice storm and since we don’t get this kind of weather we were ill prepared for it. Most of the city lost power and cell service for 5+ days. I started this painting before the storm hit, but was determined to finish him, even with no power or heat. He was a reminder of God’s kindness especially in the midst of crisis. He kept me focused on the blessings instead of the inconveniences. On the things that are really important, not the silly stuff we tend to focus on. On the people that showed up to help and those we were able to help in return. Once again God just simply showed up, with His kindness and goodness. He showed us once again that His heart for us is always good, regardless of what is going on around us!

“Answer me, O Lord, for your loving kindness is sweet and good and comforting; according to the greatness of your compassion, turn to me.” Psalm 69:16 amp

The original sold but another can be painted to your specifications. Prints are available in my Etsy Store.

ORIGINAL - click here to purchase in my Etsy Store if available
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